A Fast Efficient Digital Service

Photo & Design offers a innovative schools photo package service made available to nurseries, playgroups and schools.

The photographs are taken using one of the latest professional digital cameras providing the highest quality results and give you the added benefits of:

· Images that can be checked whilst shooting.
· The rapid production of high quality proofs printed directly onto order forms.
· Images retouched to remove unwanted scratches, spots, rashes etc.
· Identical high quality prints at all sizes.

You will also benefit from:

· Excellent commission rates.
· Class photos.
· Teacher’s photos.
· Parents will be guaranteed excellent quality.
· A large variety of good value packages starting as low as £10.
· Individual sized prints.
· A personal local service.
· Black & White and Sepia prints.
· Low administration.
· Quick and efficient service.




Samples will be soon available online to view.

If you would like further information about this service please contact us via:

tel: 01480 387708
email: schools@photoanddesign.co.uk


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