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A Relaxed Style of Wedding Photography

Modern Wedding Photography has changed from the very formal look with a limited amount of staged photographs to a more relaxed, reportage style of photography that lends itself ideally to digital photography.

This style of photography gives you a complete record of the day mixing traditional shots with candid true life photographs and captures the spirit and feel of your wedding as it really is.

I provide a modern relaxed informal approach to wedding photography that gives you an ideal balance of traditional and candid photography. This will not only make the photographic coverage more enjoyable for you but will undoubtedly show in the finished photographs.

Photographic Coverage

All of the Wedding Packages include full photographic coverage of the days events starting at the Wedding Venue to capture guests arriving before the wedding, photographs during the ceremony, group shots outside the venue and through to informal shots at the reception.

All packages can also include photographs to be taken before the Wedding at the Bride’s home at an extra cost of £25.

High Quality Digital Photography

All weddings are photographed using the latest high quality digital cameras which have now surpassed the quality of the traditional method of shooting on film and also has the additional benefits of:

  • Any of your photographs can be printed in black & white as well as in colour.
  • Photographs can be edited to remove blinks, unwanted objects, spots and scratches etc seamlessly from photographs.
  • Consistent colour and clarity through all picture sizes insuring you receive high quality reprints every time.
  • Your photographs can be displayed on our web site for you to show your guests.

The Proofs

The proofs are for you to keep and provide an excellent record of all the photography taken on the day and are in addition to the Wedding Album that you have chosen in your wedding package.

Your Proof Album will provide you with approximately 200+ photographs displayed six on a page in an A4 size folder and will also include sample sheets of over 40 Wedding Album covers that you can have your photographs mounted in. Extra albums can also be chosen from this list.

All the images are also provided on CD which can be used for looking at peoples expressions and helping you make your selection of photographs.

Your Photos Online

For your convenience you will also have your photographs put onto our web site which you will be able to access through the Our Wedding page.

You will be given a user name and password that is needed to view the photographs. You can then direct guests and relations to the site so that they too can view your photographs. (Remember to advise them of the user name and password).

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